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from Tom's Upcoming Books

An Unlikely Terrorist


In downtown Dallas, former CIA Agent John Campbell is having a good day until he spots Lisa Capps.  The last time he’d seen Lisa was fifteen years ago when they were saying good-bye, ending a two year relationship.  Before John can get Lisa’s attention, she jumps into a car and speeds away.  Moments later a multitude of explosions turn downtown Dallas into complete chaos.

With nearly two hundred dead, John can’t help but question the suspicious nature of Lisa Capps’ sudden departure prior to the explosions.  John’s premature exodus from the CIA comes to an abrupt end. 

John elicits the help of a man known inside the CIA as the Wizard.  The Wizard can find anyone, anywhere.  What he discovers about John’s old girlfriend is shocking.  Lisa no longer resides in the United States, but lives in Iraq with her husband Doctor Amon Zandipour.  Their son Andalee, and his grandfather, were killed on Andalee’s third birthday by stray bullets; Zandipour swears were fired by American soldiers.  Zandipour, now consumed by hatred for America, is out for revenge.

John’s search for Zandipour begins in Iraq, where he will find out the disturbing truth about Lisa Capps.  Racing against time, John traces Zandipour to his extravagant home on Akdamar Island in Turkey.  There John discovers what Zandipour’s next target is.  It’s far more elaborate than Dallas.  With time running out, and thousands of lives at stake, can John stop Zandipour before it’s too late?

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At sixteen years of age Leona Valley has been surviving on the streets of Galveston for two years.  She's now on the run from a ruthless assassin...

Leona's father left her a company worth millions.  Her father's first mistake was taking an ill advised loan from  Mexican drug lord Raphael Cortez.  His last mistake was not paying it back.

Cortez took care of her parents.  He now wants Leona.



Before the coma that imprisoned David Rush for fifteen years, a golden pathway to the future awaited him.  Then, he was seventeen.  Now at thirty-two, his dreams of youth dead, David struggles each day to cope in a world that has passed him by.


Not only is David’s own reflection that of a stranger, but everyone he knew pre-coma is now grown, with spouses, kids, wrinkles and adult issues.  Worst, is the fact that Shelly Tate, David’s high school sweetheart, is married to Jeff Clark, David’s best friend all through high school. Neither resembles the people David once loved. 


Wildly successful in the world of organized crime, Jeff lords over Shelly.  A mere shadow of her former self, Shelly reaches out to David with the illusion of rekindling the old flame.  But the only thing rekindled is Jeff’s bitter jealousy of David.  Jeff’s jealousy turns to rage when David starts making inquiries into a fifteen year unsolved murder.  David is certain his old girlfriend is married to a cold blooded killer. 


As the paradox of David’s absence from the living unfolds, and the past and present collide with deadly force.  David finds himself having to make decisions that will forever change the course of his life, and possibly destroy the course of those once dear to him.  


In the mist of chaos David finds a trusted friend in an unorthodox catholic priest whose insight and wisdom give David hope to face an uncertain future, and the courage to love as though life has no end.

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